Wild Bird & Wild Animals                                                                              


Not forgetting your garden visitors, we also stock a range of feed, feeders and accessories to attract the widest variety of wild birds and animals.

Large sacks of wild bird, peanuts, sunflower seed (striped and black), sunflower hearts, niger seed plus many more are available. We also have 1/2 sacks of wild bird, peanuts and sunflower hearts all at competitive prices.

We also keep a wide range of feeders, fat balls, suet pellets, suet blocks, suet rolls,mealworms (live or dried 100gs to 5kgs) and coconuts full and halves.

Hedgehog wet and dry foods also in stock.

For foxes, we have a wide range of dog foods suitable for feeding from £10.49 for 20kg also avaliable dried meat.

AnA's offers a good range and weekly & monthly promotions and offers ask in store for details.

You will be surprised how many lines we carry well worth popping in for a visit and browse.